About Renée

Her journey to Pilates.

Renee is a mother of two, and like many busy mum, sought the refuge of a peaceful hour a few times each week. Her second child was 6 months old and so jumping back into physical activity meant a more mindful and therapeutic approach was needed, and Pilates was the perfect balance of caring for her body, mind and spirit. This was the start of the obsession! For years Renée struggled to find ‘her thing’ that one thing that she felt drawn to, good at and passionate about and Pilates filled all the boxes. She wanted to learn more and so enrolled in the Pilates Training Institute teaching program, and began working straight away. This was over 9 years ago and still, her passion, love of learning, drive and obsessions grows evermore.

Her training & experience.

Renee embarked on her career in 2012 gaining the Diploma of Professional Pilates Instruction, through Pilates Training Institute. She is dedicated to continued professional development and is consistently attending workshops to further her skillset and knowledge. Renée has learned from leaders in the industry such as Debra Lessen, Karen Clippinger, Sally Anderson, Olga Tamara, Lanette Gavran, Anula Maiberg and more. Throughout her teaching experience, Renée has developed a unique teaching style, and has had the privilege to work with a wide range of clients, from athletes, to pre/postnatal women, those with special conditions and those who generally want to feel better in their bodies.

Her vision for Pilates House.

The vision for the studio is to provide a warm and welcoming space for women to feel nurtured, beyond just an hour of exercise, but a complete experience of care. Her mission is to empower women. To embrace acceptance whilst striving for progression. To have each person who walks through the studio doors fall in love with Pilates the way she did.