who are we?

We are a luxury Pilates studio for women, providing personalised services in the pursuit of the complete fitness, health & wellbeing of our members. 

Our vision is to create a beautiful space for you to immerse in a blend of traditional and contemporary methods of body be a place for you to focus on creating and maintaining the best possible version of yourself; mind, body & spirit!

Our thoughtfully selected class options and facilities pave the way for success in realising, reviewing & reaching individual goals.

We understand each clients body, personality, motivation, limitations, strengths and overall journey is different. With this in mind, in order to tailor each session to its participants, our classes are kept small and exclusive. 

Our mission is to provide excellence; in quality, service, instruction, support and environment. 

Our promise is to be a warm, positive, open door for you to walk through when you're in need of be your personal wellness sanctuary.

About Renee

Renees' passion for Pilates began in 2010, after the birth of her second child, when she sought a method of exercise that would strengthen from the inside-out. After devoting time to improve self mastery, Pilates became an integral part of her life; she had found a modality of fitness that perfectly suited her personal philosophy: "Exercise to FEEL Great" 

In 2011, her love for Pilates led her to pursue a career in teaching the method. She attained the Diploma of Pilates Instruction through PFI Training, a government recognised, nationally accredited qualification. 

The following year, Renee was asked to join the instructor team at PFI and enjoyed over 5 years working within the institute, developing her unique teaching style. Throughout that time, honing skills, technique and knowledge, through a range of workshops and courses.

Her belief that 'you never stop learning' drives her motivation to seek out new information, trends, insights and developments within the industry and is committed to continued education.

A certified TRX, Metafit, Barre Attack, Barre Body and Boxilates instructor, Renee believes the key to physical wellness lays in varying routines to develop a broad range of skills and 'fitness types', as well as maintaining motivation and consistency in effort.

Renees' goal is to inspire others to find joy in movement, to let it be a source of calm. renewal and self-nurture, to enhance all that is otherwise pursued in life.