The Road to Pilates House

After years of teaching Pilates, I have reached a fork in the road and have have taken a turn..Im on the way to building a Pilates studio of my very own.

Pilates House, as the name would have it, is a 1940's character home that we (my husband Nick and I) have renovated and built on to, to create a unique wellness establishment.

Floors have been relaid, kitchen and bathroom renovated, balustrade designed, furniture selected, mirrors fixed, walls.. written on??..

(My son decorating the walls of the Studio Room)

(My son decorating the walls of the Studio Room)

It's a dream come true for me to offer a variety of exercise programs that I love and believe in, products I truly endorse and a refreshing, beautiful environment to a community of like minded women to share.

Now, as the destination becomes clearer, Im reflecting on how I got here, what was it that brought me to this place?

As a child I attended gymnastics lessons, which helped me to develop a mind-body connection from an early age. As with most children, it was easy to soften and stretch and build strength (whilst our postures are still unaffected by the strains of daily life!) and so quickly gained a love and respect for movement and a motivation to be disciplined in working toward a goal.

The years passed, priorities changed and gymnastics fell away (as did most exercise for the next chapter of my life.) I didn't have to train to maintain my 'shape' and, having forgotten ALL of the benefits of movement mistakingly thought I didn't have to exercise at all. We truly don't realise how amazing we can feel-how energetic, supple, pain-free, calm, strong and empowered-until we reintroduce the idea of taking care of ourselves as a whole: movement, nutrition and lifestyle. 

At the age of 19, I met my very athletic husband Nick. He inspired me to reconnect with what my 10 year old self had learned and loved. I began outdoor running, joined a gym ( I was so far out of the fitness loop that I didn't even own tights! I wore trousers to my first session) and embraced fitness in my life with open arms. Nick and I married 4 years later and we welcomed our son into the world 2 years after that!

After the birth of my second child, I had slight abdominal separation. I felt I had a new body all together really! And the fact is, we do have a new set of challenges, new shape, new focuses and priorities after childbirth. I began group Reformer Pilates and fell in love! Finally I was in a class where the instructor asked about my body, my goals and spoke about anatomy and muscular connections. Everything was clear and had a purpose. I loved the specificity of the movements and the need to think through them, to concentrate inward to build strength, length and stability in a uniquely prescribed and functional, it was so FUN!!

I have always loved exercise but Pilates just clicked with me. It was everything I love about movement wrapped up into 7 core principals: it made absolute sense to me to demonstrate control, precision, concentration and flow when training, and to work from the centre of the body whilst using breath to challenge/assist an exercise. I HAD to learn more! I began teacher training a year later with Pilates Training Institute and began instructing at Pilates Fitness Institute immediately.

5 years on, after gathering confidence, experience, friendships and knowledge, I was presented the opportunity to take the leap on my own, and I took it! Renovations began at the studio and a new road was paved.

It is my hope that Pilates House grows to represent everything I hold dear about fitness health and wellbeing. I hope to infuse it with my passion, my determination and drive and to inspire and be inspired by all who walks through its doors.

Sure, there have been set backs and hold ups, but its all a part of the journey. Its time to pave this new road, to embellish it with memories and experiences. I walk forward knowing that along the journey I have, always behind me (and on the walls behind the studio mirrors...) unconditional love and support.

(My sons message behind the mirrors of the Studio Room)

(My sons message behind the mirrors of the Studio Room)