A new style of Pilates training, that brings the principals of Pilates, its movement and apparatus together with the variety, concepts and challenge of circuit training.

in a nut-shell:

Full House classes at Pilates House comprise of a number of workout stations - from Tower, Barrels, Wunda Chair, Reformer, Mat, Boxing, TRX, Barre and HIIT, throughout the entire studio for you to circulate between.

Using a wide range of exercise modalities in the one session helps to develop overall strength, technique, endurance and confidence in your movement and it ensures your results won't plateau-we will keep your body and mind guessing!

 Become Pilates fit, increase your cardiovascular fitness through cardio stations, encourage muscle length with ballet conditioning, develop new skills using some equipment you may never have heard of before, improve your strength through weights and find explosive power through HIIT satations... all in the one hour.

Its motivating, addictive and results driven. What could be better?

...well let us tell you...

As we strongly believe wellness is never 'one size fits all' each participant will work through their OWN unique training program, written specifically for their needs and goals.

Each program is written using the same sequencing and order that you've come to know and love in your Pilates classes and so addresses the body in its entirety, all ranges and all planes of movement.

whats included?

The package includes an individually written program with unlimited modifications to make sure you are working as hard as you can be, two FREE private sessions to thoroughly learn the set up and exercises at each station and ten group classes. All for just $350 (valued at over $500)