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piLates house


We are a luxury boutique fitness studio nestled in the southern suburbs of Perth.

We offer a huge variety of personalised class styles to keep your mind and body guessing, and results at their best.

From Pilates (in all its forms) to HIIT training, Barre, Boxing, TRX and everything in between, you'll find your perfect fitness match within the beautiful space of Pilates House. 

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find us

319 Canning Highway Palmyra, Perth WA 6157

Phone: 0401 444 291



getting started


It all starts here....

One class turns to two, one month turns to twelve and before you know it, you have reshaped your lifestyle, outlook, and your bod!

The ultimate introductory offer:

One entire month of unlimited group classes (Mat, Fitball, Tower, TRX, Metafit, Boxilates and Barre or Pre/Postnatal) for $99. Yep, 30 days of Pilates goodness. Change doesn't happen overnight, which is why we want you to experience the Pilates House lifestyle for a longer trial period. Reset your health, redefine your level of fitness and replenish your energy levels with this biggest kickstart ever. Really, whats more to say? 




studio - private

The pinnacle of Pilates, Private studio sessions delve deeply into meeting your individual needs - physical alignment, symmetry, strength, flexibility, joint health and so on. Do you have a particular movement you want to work toward perfecting, interested in learning a new skill, are you curious to explore the limitless range of exercises that the studio equipment offers? This is the perfect option! Included as a part of our Private Studio service is an Initial/Review Consultation, where a plan is implemented for you to achieve whatever your wellness goals may be. A full body composition scan will track your progress, and ongoing support and guidance will ensure you stay looking and feeling your very best.

studio - duet

Individualised programs are written for each of the two clients who will share the studio room space and time with the instructor. Your unique needs are addressed as we work together toward achieving all of your fitness, health and wellbeing goals. Specific exercises are chosen using the equipment in our fully set up studio so that you can be your best self, functionally and aesthetically. 



group class membership

"Club House"

Do you have a specific goal? To Tone up? Increase flexibility? Improve cardiovascular endurance? Do want to commit to a training schedule? To prioritise your fitness, health and wellbeing? To make exercise a part of your lifestyle so that you can see and feel the difference it makes to every part of your life? YES! Our membership is the best way to keep you motivated, guided, accountable and inspired (plus, there are some pretty amazing perks...)

Whats included?

  • Up to 3 group classes a week (...yes any! You can mix it up and alternate between Mat/TRX/Tower/Barre/Metafit and Boxilates OR, be loyal to your faves) 


circuit membership

"Full House"

The Pilates House Circuit is THE most unique Pilates Class Perth has to offer. It is Semi-Private Studio Pilates, taken to the next level!

Clients circulate between stations.. from Barre, to Reformer, Cadillac to the Wunda Chair, Mat to Tower, The Barrels to Fitball, Free weights, HIIT Training, Boxing...the combinations are endless and no two programs are the same. This is the perfect option for those who like to mix things up, to keep their minds and bodies guessing and those who have wanted to try Studio Pilates but have felt (unnecessarily!) daunted by it.


What's included?

  • Personalised, individually written programs are selected based on your goals, posture and body type.
  • TWO FREE Private sessions are allocated to each participant every 2 months so you get to learn each station, the set up for each apparatus and the exercises.
  •  1 circuit class AND up to 2 group classes/week
  • Access to our exclusive SKILL MILL (if you haven't seen it yet, we highly recommend popping your head into the cardio room at the studio- its made to order in Italy, has been manufactured to train athletes at the Olympic village and is unlike any other cardio equipment you'll ever come across) *Please let us know if you would like one of your cardio stations to include the Skill Mill.


studio membership

"Power House"


Pilates at it s most LUXURIOUS. The Studio Membership includes 1x Private Studio session, 1x Cardio Duet and 1x Group Class of your choosing each week.

The best of the best: Specific personal training + intense cardio using our exclusive SKILL MILL + length, strength, agility, stability and the social fun of our group classes.

The perfect formula.

What's Included?

  •  1x Private Studio session
  •  1x Cardio Duet
  • 1x Group Class of your choosing each week
  • Access to our exclusive SKILL MILL


Member benefits: 


  • An initial consultation where you will be taken though a basic 'beginners' tutorial, postural assessment and basic class
  • Ongoing personal support, advice and guidance
  • Complimentary Pilates travel mat

  • A private review consultation and follow-up DEXA body composition scan to track your results

  • Priority access to client workshops, classes and events

  • Discounted add-on classes if there are weeks that you feel like adding more Pilates to your life (we wouldn't blame you!)

  • Pop up sales

  • Invited to bring a guest to class for FREE

Need more info? Drop us a line! We are waiting to answer any questions and to help secure your spot as a Pilates House Member. 

price list 


group classes

Group classes (1 Hour) - Matwork, Fitball, Tower, Barre, Boxilates, Metafit, TRX and Pre/postnatal sessions are as follows:

NOTE: Feel free to mix and match class styles when purchasing Class Cards and Memberships, variety is the spice of life!

INTRO PACKAGE: $99 (30 days unlimited classes)

CASUAL CLASS: $35 (Once off)

5x CLASS CARD: $150 (Use within 2 weeks to receive an additional class FREE)

10x CLASS CARD: $280 (Use within 4 weeks to receive an additional class FREE)


circuit package

10x GROUP CLASSES + 2x FREE PRIVATE SESSIONS: $350 (Personalised program *Limited places available)



Private: $80 1 Hour

Duet: $60 1 Hour

Cardio Duet: $40 1 Hour



Keep an eye out for pop up sales, promotions and member incentives


Reach Out 


we are here to help

As fun as it is to start something new, it can be a little daunting...BUT! Never fear, we are here to listen to your concerns, answer any questions you have and to guide you through every step of the way. Get ready to develop a healthy obsession with taking care of yourself...you will never look back